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Curious Art Information Website

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Today I’m going to focus on a useful information tool which I think I’m going to use for more curious art articles!

It’s called and it has all these neat applications on art news, events, venues, and articles. For instance, they have this featured section where they show articles on different arts topics, all taken from different news sources such as the Brooklyn Rail, AP, New York Times, Arts newspaper, and more. Today there was this really cool article talking about Michelangelo’s first painting, done when he was 13 years old, how awesome is that…

Michelangelos First Painting

Michelangelos First Painting

I would compare it to a one stop and shop location for art news, articles, and events, it’s one place you can go to and know all the information from the web will be there available for searches on art topics, artist information, and even upcoming or ongoing art events in your area.

I also signed up for a profile, it’s free so why not? You can customize your profile to your art interests from the time period, to specific artist, to your location in the world, and everyday on top of the general featured articles and events, it will give you information relevant to your preferences- how convenient, I absolutely love it.

Here’s a video with more information about what mutualart is about