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In Bloomberg on January 23, 2009 at 3:43 pm

So this is quite interesting… it is an article about a controversial work of art recently made and unveiled in Europe by David Cerny.  The piece was commissioned by the Czech Republic but was not executed in a way that they are particularly proud to be associated with.  In fact, the nature of the work caused quite a stir among all member nations of the EU represented.  Essentially, Cerny chose controversial symbols to represent the member nations (such as a vampire for Romania and a toilet for Bulgaria) – not exactly the most politically correct things to be associating with the nations on a work meant to depict the unity of the EU.  The formation of the EU has been a long and much debated struggle and though Cerny intended this work to be more light-hearted (rather than insulting), the EU is not strong enough to tolerate such “jokes” quite yet.  In the article they compare this work to Duchamp’s shocking works but for some reason that comparison doesn’t sitting comfortably with me.  I guess it seems to me as though the nature of the insults in this work were much more personal and publicly displayed than Duchamp’s work.  The time will come down the line when something like this can be laughed at but for now the timing of it’s unveiling is quite inappropriate. 3842480460409ctn1