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“B of the Bang” to go Bye-Bye

In BBC on February 13, 2009 at 4:38 pm

What do you do when a $2 million work of art becomes so unsteady that there’s a possibility for it to fall apart and spear an innocent passerby? ¬†Take it down ūüė¶ ¬†

I just read an article on BBC about an incredibly statue in Manchester by Thomas Heatherwick is going to be put into storage because it has become unstable to the point of dangerous.  The sculpture (photographed below) was unveiled in 2005 and looks like a massive, steel, firework.  The problem with it is in the steel spikes Рthey might fall out!  The City Council has talked about a future rebuilding of the statue but odds of this happening (for now) are slim because the city refuses to spend more public money on the project.

It’s a real shame that this work didn’t last longer because it really is an incredible piece and it has become part of the Manchester community. ¬†Apparently Heatherwick is distressed at the prospect of the work’s removal and suggests drawing a line under it prohibiting viewers to come within danger would be a better solution. ¬†I don’t know though… that’s a pretty big liability for the city to take on. ¬†I mean, would YOU stand near one of those massive, razor-sharp, metal spikes with the possibility to be speared?!? ¬†