An Intriguing and Experimental Exhibition to Open in Ireland

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 at 11:26 pm

Tomorrow the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMAA) will début “What Happens Next is a Secret,”  an exhibition that seeks to answer and deal with questions and issues about what happens when pieces of art become part of a museum’s collection (and are later shown in various contexts).

The  displayed works will change throughout the captivating exhibition’s reign (through April 18, 2010), with artwork removals generating empty spaces that will call to mind gaps in memory and point to the partially hidden nature of museum collections. Additionally, films from the museum’s collection will be shown in a dedication screening room and strategies (like repositioning works within the gallery) will be used to alter the pace and motion of the exhibition.

A majority of the works in “What Happens Next is a Secret” are from the museum’s collection, while a small number of displayed artwork has been borrowed directly from artists and other collections (including famed conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner‘s Statement 021, on load from the collection of Seth Sieglaub).

The IMMA will not release a list of included works ahead of time, adding to the mystery (and allowing the exhibition to live up to its name of “What Happens Next is a Secret”).

Click here to read more about the exhibition and how artists involved in IMMA’s Artists’ Residency Program will be participating and engaging with the innovative presentation.

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