Black Void at the Tate Modern

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2009 at 4:39 pm

London’s Tate Modern has unveiled Miroslaw Balka’s “How It Is,” a sculpture that may frighten visitors who are afraid of the dark. To view the sculpture in its intirety, museum visitors walk up a ramp to the ominous steel chamber. Upon entering the sculpture, guests will enter a black void. Balka’s installation has created some health and safety concerns for the museum, and Tate Modern guards will regularly control the structure with lighted torches.

Balka's "How It Is"

Balka's "How It Is"

The artist’s work has various connotations, alluding to the biblical Plague of Darkness, black holes in space and images of hell. Likewise, those who view (and enter) the sculpture will have different reactions.

As Balka States in an article from the Guardian, “Each one of us will approach this work and experience it very differently,” she said. “For some it may be an incredibly sombre experience, for most it will be unnerving. For others there will be something quite comforting about going into a space like this full of strangers, yet being aware of each other.”

Balka has been working on the piece, from concept to installation, for a year. Asked what his first reaction on walking into the completed container was, he said: “Whoa. It works.”


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