Unusual Mediums for Art

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An artist, David Alvarez, creates a portrait of Ray Charles using the ubiquitous medium of Post-it sticky notes….Cool right? At the time he was 19 years old, but where is he now? There seems to be no sign of him as a continuing artist  on the art scene, so was this a one hit wonder?



Steven J. Backman makes art out of toothpicks and glue, another unusual medium, and has created many portraits and sculpture pieces out of toothpicks over the years. This may be an unusual medium, but does it really add to the conversation of contemporary art? Does it makes sense to use toothpicks other than because it’s a strange medium for a portrait….





A blogpost on the ArtNewsBlog suggest that it is all about Marketing Art:

All you have to do is create some bold work in an unusual medium, (preferably something that will make people giggle or shock them) get some great photos of the work, learn how to prepare a press release that captures the attention of journalists, and send it to all the right people.

Artists like Damien Hirst have made a career out of using this process, but if you’re just looking for a few moments in the spotlight, you only have to do it a couple times. Just make sure that you have your own website up first, so that you can try and capture a few of the curious onlookers from your moment in the sun.


How important is the marketing and branding of an artist? Here’s an article written on the marketing and branding of the artist which gives more insight:

Anyone who has talked to marketers know that even the best quality products won’t sell unless they’re promoted to their consumers in an appropriate manner. This almost means artists should think of their art as a commodity and product, something that needs promoting, pricing, and placing. Some artists may think of this as the ultimate evil, but maybe it’s a reality the idealistic artist has to face, or in a more positive light, it’s what needs to be done for their life and passion’s work to get the attention it needs to survive.

So how necessary is this- what are your opinions? it seems like the post-it art got the point of commodity art…


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