Sharon Core Recreates Wayne Thiebaud

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Sharon Core

Sharon Core

Continuing with the issue of appropriation and how much of art can be essentially ‘borrowed’ or ‘influenced’, I came across the tension between Wayne Thiebaud and Sharon Core.

Wayne Thiebaud produces luscious and delicious looking paintings of carefully arranged and decorated cakes, sweets, tarts, in pale colors. These paintings are amazing because you just want to stare at the beautiful cake displays, potentially get your hands on one of the slices – it reminds me of my childhood – my eyes would literally increase in size as I saw cakes like these. That’s probably what Thiebaud is trying to get at- please those eyes and tempt them with the pictures!

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud

Sharon Core, an artist and photographer herself decides to recreate the imagined Thiebaud paintings. She creates a still life of the cakes and pies by baking them, tilting them at the appropriate angle, and then taking a photograph of the set up! The tease of the Thiebaud paintings has been erased and created in a tangible form, and then a snapshot has been taken again reminding us of its illusion! This is such a strange mind play transition from the realms of imagination, to reality, to creation, then to photographic interpretation. A review of the Sharon Core Thiebauds Exhibition can be found on the New York Times.

This exhibition occurred in 2004 at the Bellwether Gallery in Brooklyn, Williamsburg


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