13 Charges dropped against Shepard Fairey

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Obama Poster Artist

On February 6, Shepard Fairey, artist best known for his Obama “Hope” poster, was arrested in Boston on charges of vandalism. Shepard, 39, who was on the way to his solo exhibition kick-off event at the Institute of Contemporary Art, is considered to be a “guerilla artist” for his graffiti. Though on June 2, 13 charges were dismissed, Fairey is still fighting 15 similar charges. Read the full article here.

“Well, I love street art, always have. I love the process,” said Fairey in an interview with Tim Yu. “On the street it’s free and you can tear it down, but in the gallery its expensive and untouchable… I want to empower people with my artwork…”

Fairey’s works raise issues of boundaries in art. What are rights of artists (how free is free?), and how much should the law constrict freedom of expression?



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