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Four convicted in Norway of Renaissance painting theft

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I came across this article over at – I don’t know why, but art theft stories fascinate me – it almost seems antiquated – like bankrobbery and pirates (although we know all too well they are actually very contemporary).

OSLO, May 25, 2009 (AFP) – Four men in Norway received prison sentences of up to three years on Monday for stealing a valuable Renaissance painting from a church in March that was later recovered, police said.
The main accused, 52, was ordered to spend three years behind bars and pay for repairs to the artwork, “Let the Little Children Come Unto Me,” by German Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553).
The painting, estimated to be worth up to 2.8 million dollars (2.2 million euros), was damaged when it was stolen from the Larvik church in southern Norway on March 8.
Two other men aged 44 and 46 were given sentences of two years and six months, and a fourth man aged 34 received a sentence of two years and three months.
Painted on wood, the artwork depicts Jesus surrounded by children. It had hung in the Larvik church since it was built in 1677.
Police found the stolen painting in a van three days after the theft.

How we almost lost the Mona Lisa

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In this article by Cristina Ruiz of the Art Newspaper, we learn how the world almost lost the Mona Lisa when it was on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1963.  One night, a sprinkler malfunction occurred and the painting was doused with water for several hours.  The story is one of many from Thomas Hoving, in his memoir.

Ernesto Neto at the Armory

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Today Ernesto Neto‘s new installation/sculpture opens at the Park Avenue Armory.  The piece, which acts in complete juxtaposition to the rigid, guilded, metallic building, will invite viewers to calmly walk through, touch, and lay down inside itself.

For the full article via the Times.