Art Beijing

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2009 at 3:29 pm

This was a very hopeful article:  it is about how an “Art Beijing” brand has been developed in order to finance struggling art galleries.  Since the downhill turn of the economy, Beijing galleries have really suffered.  In fact, the article says that the economic pressure is commonly referred to as an “economic tsunami” – WOW.  Because I have never experienced a tsunami, I can only pretend to understand the effects of one – because tsunami’s in Asia are much more common and the people are aware of their destruction, the fact that they’re using the comparison here is very significant to me.  I didn’t realize the situation was that difficult. 

Anyways, the funding system that Beijing has developed is very forward-pushing and I hope that it inspires other nations to take a similar step.  Galleries have been closing and/or combining forces in an effort to remain afloat and the money from Art Beijing will be used to promote Beijing galleries, plan exhibitions, and invite/encourage primary market collectors to consider their art for purchase.  

While it is sad to hear that the economic situation is so detrimental that initiatives like this must be put in place, it is also comforting to know that when things get fall into difficult financial situations, the arts still holds enough value as a cultural institution that organization will form to provide money in an effort to stimulate commerce.  


I have never been to China and am hoping somewhere down the line to have an opportunity to go see and experience this art scene that I have read so much about!


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