Yves Saint Laurent Art Auction

In on January 30, 2009 at 5:35 pm

What: An auction (by Christie’s) of the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge art collection which contains over 700 pieces and is said to be valued at nearly $300 million euros and is expected to fetch up to half a billion euros

When: 3 days at the end of February at the Grand Palais in Paris

Who: EVERYONE and ANYONE will be there… except me, of course! 


This auction is incredible.  I’ve read about 10 articles posted online and in newspapers and am constantly astonished to read “half a billion euros” as the projected amount to be fetched from this auction.  It makes you realize the value that beautiful yet inanimate objects have the potential to hold.  I hope that this auction isn’t a disappointment for the sake of the consignors and for the beautiful things being offered.  It’s always a shame when pieces are “burned” (a fancy word for non-sold and therefore decreased in value because the art world think that since no one wanted to pay for it at auction, maybe it ISN’T worth the high amount that it was being offered for) and “bought in” at auction.  Stay tuned for my post towards the end of February – I’ll dedicate my post for the day to the auction results!


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