Schroeder and Beethoven

In New York Times on January 19, 2009 at 4:06 pm

schroederI come across so many interesting articles about the arts that I have decided to break down and begin a blog about some of the things I read and my thoughts about them (I was inspired by a friend of mine who does the same thing for sports articles).  To not overwhelm myself, or those who read this, I’ll limit each post to one “article of interest.”  The source of the articles will range from the New York Times Arts section to a relatively unknown independent arts magazine – what can I say, I subscribe to everything art!  I’d like to throw out there though that there are tons of sites online that do the work for me and post interesting art news right on their homepage for me to see (one that I recently signed up for is called; the site is especially great because it lets me personalize my profile so that articles that apply to my specific interests are the first ones to come up… it’s a good starting place if you’re having a hard time finding relevant-to-your-interests articles).  

Anyways, today’s “article of interest” comes from the New York Times Arts section.  We all grew up with Peanuts cartoons by Charles Shulz but because of the cartoons’ simplicity and basic storyline we might miss the absolute genius behind the cartoon strip (a similar affect of  the art and stories by Mr. Seuss).  This article brings to our attention the connection between the Beethoven music that the character Schroeder plays and the tone of the cartoon.  Knowing relatively little about music, I had no idea that the musical notes and song choices were so intentional.  “The music is a character in the strip as much as the people are, because the music sets the tone.”  Who knew?   As a long time admirer of Mr. Schulz, I must say that this article has increased even further (which I didn’t think was possible) my esteem for his work.  The article also mentions a Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in San Jose… now THAT would be something interesting to see.

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